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My Name is Chris Iavarone and I have dedicated my life to living a healthy lifestyle.  I am the owner and head instructor of Tiger Schulmann's Glendale as well as a Certified Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor.  

 I started my martial arts journey in 1989 when I was only 10 years old.  I was just your average kid, not focused on any particular activity and a bit over weight.  After trying my first class at TSMMA I was hooked.  They taught me how learning self defense and exerise can improve ones confidence.  By the age of 12, I had earned my first black belt.  I always knew martial arts would be in my life and when the opportunity came to open my very own TSMMA school I was thrilled.

Currently I am 39 married to my beautiful wife Michele, dad of two amazing boys, and in the best shape of my life.   My location of Tiger Schulmann's is one of the best run in an oranization of 47 schools where we teach children to adults, How to live better by learning self defense and proper nuitrtion.  We offer almost 50 classes weekly and every month host a mini camp combining COOKING AND KICKING....

 Without the knowledge of healthy eating, you would just be spinning your wheels. In one of my camps the children will be introduced to new ideas and get to participate in making a healthy dishes.  After all the cooking is out of the way, the kids will have lots of fun with various martial arts activites.  All are invited whether your a current memeber or just popping in for a mini camp.  

Camps close out at 20 children MAX, so reserve your spot by Emailing at or calling 718-830-4502.  


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