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Originally from Kenya, Janet is a passionate wife, mother to 2 beautiful kids (Shiloh 5 years and Israel 2 years), a registered Nurse in Tulsa, certified instructor with Healthy Hands Cooking and the owner of Raisin a Chef LLC, with a foodie heart and an aspiration to inspire little children through the art of cooking.

She absolutely adores being in the kitchen and loves sharing her enthusiasm for food with the kiddos at Raisin a chef. She finds joy in teaching little chefs how to appreciate what goes into our meals and the importance of cooking. Along with a passion for teaching, Janet enjoys crafting, travelling, music and meditating.

Having a daughter who is a very picky eater, Janet understands what parents with picky eaters go through. By showing kids how much fun cooking can be, by involving them in preparing and cooking their own meals, can encourage these kids to try some new foods. Looking forward to meeting you in one of our upcoming sessions.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma