Jennifer Rzodkiewicz (Rocky)

Certified Instructor, Family Measures Cooking School

A Taste of HHC- Adult

Try "A Taste of HHC-Adult" cooking.

We have taken our HHC Classes up a noch just for Adults! Featuring a more indepth view of nutrition facts and information founded in science, more advanced recipes and activities to reinforce what we learn in these sessions. All of this while still maintaining the fun and intimate atmosphere HHC Classes are known for.

Come join us and have some FUN!

Current Available Class Themes

  • Whole Foods Cooking - Our Food Supply & Clever Marketing Terms for Food
  • Kick Butt by Cooking for a Healthy Immune System
  • Healthy Holiday Treats
  • Delicious Pre and Pro Biotics Foods
  • Delectable Anti-Inflammatory Cooking
  • Eating for Beauty
  • Healthy Meals Bootcamp for the Busy Family - Series of 3 Classes