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After 28 years as a public school speech therapist, it was time for a new adventure. Working with Healthy Hands Cooking as an instructor, gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions, cooking and teaching.  My cooking education began at my mother’s side and at a very young age.  I was only 4 or 5 when I was given my first cooking task, tearing lettuce for our nightly salad.  My mom knew how to prepare a well-balanced, fresh and economical meal long before anyone ever heard of the Food Pyramid.  Even as I started a family of my own, whenever I needed some cooking expertise, all I had to do was, “Just Ask Mom!”

It has been so exciting working as a Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor.  Our children are exposed to many fads and whims as they grow, but it is so rewarding to offer them a skill that they will have for a lifetime.   It is my goal to pass on my passion for healthy cooking and eating to a new generation.  Nothing can compare to the bond that cooking and eating together brings to a family.  As an added bonus, the children have tons of fun!

This is not your typical cooking class! Check out this website for a variety of learning options including  specialized, age-appropriate classes,  season/holiday themed events and birthday parties.  I offer personalized instruction in your home or facility.   Pricing includes all the food and materials needed to conduct a fun, and educational event.   I look forward to working with you soon.      


 “Healthy Kids Today, A Brighter Tomorrow!”

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