Cuisine Conqueror Cooking Classes

with Corina Danielson, a Certified Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor

About Me


Healthy Hands Classes - if you are interested in a class and would like to schedule one.  Contact me for available dates and times.


Cooking and helping others are passions of mine.  I love to share those passions with others.  As a person who has struggled with being overweight most of my adult life, and only recently being diagnosed with serious health issues, the opportunity to learn and teach others how NOT to fall into the same weight trap will be a huge honor.  Nutritional Education is an ongoing and constantly evolving science.

Becoming a Certified Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor is a dream come true.  There are classes for all ages and interests.   There are Birthday Party Themed Classes, Kids Camps and our most popular program is our 8-hour core class.  There are even classes on healthy treats for your dogs!  Through the recipes and training, we’re fighting obesity and improving health through our healthy cooking classes.

I believe in supporting the best products for my family and friends.  With that being said, I am involved in several other companies that I feel offer superior products.

19 year Tastefully Simple Consultant

5 years with DoTerra Essential Oils =

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