Denise Bradley

HHC - Certified Instructor & Dr. Sears Health Coach

Adult Nutrition and Wellness Classes

Our adult wellness cooking classes are designed to educate and inspire as we introduce you to the world of nutritional support for illnesses, ailments and health conditions.


Learn how to fuel your body with whole foods and guide your nutrition towards optimal health!


We offer 20 themed classes to support optimal health in adulthood.  Choose an upcoming class based on your current health conditions or future nutrition goals. Here are a few of our most popular ones:

  1. Cooking for Those with Diabetes
  2. Cooking for those with ADHD
  3. Gluten-Free Cooking
  4. Slow Cooking for a Healthy Immune System
  5. Cooking to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better
  6. Cooking for Digestive Health
  7. Delectable Anti-Inflammatory Cooking 

Class Structure:

Each Adult Wellness Class is between 1-2 hours in length.  We start with a 30 minute discussion around our nutrition goal.  Then we chop, blend, slice and bake our way into making a colorful meal we enjoy together. We leave time for clean up and chatting and you will leave class empowered to replicate the meal and start your journey to better health at home!