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Legacy Chefs

The “Legacy Chefs” program is designed for those 65+ who may or may not be living with assistance. These classes can be taught in a demonstration type format for those with limited abilities or as a hands-on class for more active seniors with access to kitchen facilities.

Senior communities are an ideal setting where students young-at-heart will learn about nutrition and preparing healthy meals or snacks focused on a single ingredient..

Senior adults are invited to watch, participate, or help mentor each other, bringing the community together for precious learning time around the table.

*These one hour classes include reference to scripture from the Bible that can be included as part of your class (optional).


Provide an interesting, fun, interactive and educational class that will benefit the mind, body and soul of our beloved seniors. Share recipes that are easy to make with limited kitchen tools and that are pleasing to the senior palate.


We offer ten different themed classes to encourage seniors to focus on nutrition as they age. Some of our most popular classes:

  • Apple of my Eye
  • Mighty is Thy Mint
  • The Sweet Scent of Cinnamon
  • Melodies of Melons

Class Structure:

Each class is one hour in length either as a demo or as a hands-on cooking class.  We start with a 10-15 minute discussion about the main ingredient and then work on building the recipes while talking about the unique health benefits of incorporating the food into daily meals.