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STEAMM Cooking

HHC Kids Club is a national one-of-a-kind wellness education program that helps schools and organizations teach students about gardening, nutrition, food preparation and exercise through STEM, STEAM and STEAMM based activities. Through these hands-on activities, our goal is to help schools and communities fight obesity and encourage healthier living.

These K-12 research-based lesson plans and classes can be HHC Certified Instructor-led or school-administered. They are used in schools and organizations to complement current units of study tying into Common Core Standards, SC Standards and Learning, and Healthy Eating and Physical Activities Standards 2.0.


In these classes, kids will learn how to cook through a science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and/or medical lens.

For example, in our Solar Oven class, students learn how to make a solar oven, and to cook their veggie pizzas in it.


Offerings for STEAMM classes provide over 108 options to teach children about everything from sustainability, fermentation, pre and probiotics, hydration, body composition and more while adding a unique engineering and science based twist. 

Class Structure:

Each STEAMM Class is one to three hours in length and is formatted as an afterschool or supplemental summer school program. Classes include snack time, a STEM based nutrition activity, culinary demo, movement and homework time.

Reach out to get a sample lesson plan and learn more about bringing this important program to your school.