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Bento Box Lunches

Our Bento Box Lunch classes introduce the Japanese style of eating where a balanced amount of food groups, colors and textures are packed into a wooden or plastic box with individual compartments.

We’ve expanded on this concept by creating themed Bento Lunch classes that combine MyPlate Nutrition standards with colorful fresh foods. Students may bring any divided container from home or Bento type lunch boxes may be purchased through your instructor.


In these classes, kids will learn how to create a colorful, fun, and nutritious Bento school lunch that can be replicated at home based on MyPlate nutrition standards.


We offer 12 different lunch themed classes to keep your child excited about packing lunch for school.  Choosing from several themed lunch classes gives your child the best variety and experience in the kitchen.  

  1. That's Amore! - Italian Inspired Cooking Class
  2. Wok This Way - Chinese Inspired Cooking Class
  3. Veggie Heroes - Vegetarian Inspired Cooking Class
  4. Mexican Fiesta - Southwestern Inspired Cooking Class
  5. The All-American - American Inspired Cooking Class
  6. That's a Wrap! North American Inspired Cooking Class
  7. Opa!  - Greek Inspired Lunch Class
  8. Tokyo Town - Japanese Inspired Cooking Class
  9. Island Time - Caribbean Inspired Cooking Class
  10. The Wonder from Down Under - Australian Inspired Cooking Class
  11. My Thai - Thai Inspired Cooking Class
  12. Canadian, Eh? - Canadian Inspired Cooking Class

Many of our healthy lunch classes can be created as vegetarian options using substitutions.  Contact me for details.

Class Structure:

Each Healthy Lunch Class is two hours in length.  We start with a 30 minute nutrition game or activity to teach your kids about making important choices.  Then we chop, blend, slice and whip our way into making a colorful themed lunch followed by clean up and a sit down meal.  Your kids will be empowered to replicate their lunch at home and definitely won't leave hungry!